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Building Blocks is a team of qualified paediatric occupational therapists.
Our main goal is promote independence and maximise the child's potential.

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    Helping Students with Sensory Challenges at School

    Retrieved from: http://mamaot.com/65-ways-to-help-students-with-sensory-challenges-at-school/ From preschool through high school, the school setting is filled with sensory experiences and demands. For students with sensory challenges, school can become an overwhelming, confusing, or frustrating place.   WHAT DOES “SENSORY” MEAN? We are constantly having to take in sensory information from outside our bodies (from the environment) and from within...

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    Proprioceptive Input: Sensory Processing Explained

    Post reference: http://lemonlimeadventures.com/proprioceptive-input-sensory-processing-explained/   Who knew there were more than 5 senses?  I know I didn’t, until recently. Unfortunately, many of us are only taught the most common 5 because the other two are supposed to be so automated that we shouldn’t have to think about them. That is why...

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